Fourth 9 Weeks Learning Commitment

The window to change your child’s learning commitment for the fourth and final nine weeks of the school year (from face to face to virtual or from virtual to face to face)
will open on Wednesday, February 17th and close on Friday, February 19.
The fourth nine weeks begins on Monday, March 8 and ends on Friday, May 28.
Please note: 
ALL parents should expect a change to their child’s teacher/teachers based on the new commitments. It is also possible that if there is not space at Terrace in face to face or virtual classes, that children could move to another RISD campus or be placed with a virtual teacher from another RISD campus.
In addition, we will not share the number of “spots” available on our campus or take teacher requests. We are working with very strict guidelines and will do what is appropriate for our campus. Thank you for understanding.
Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – Friday, February 19, 2021